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  • 太陽能貿易平臺及太陽能企業名錄

    ESM 530-550S

    價 格:
    起價 ¥1.58 / Wp *
    類型: 背鈍化
    功率范圍: 530 ~ 550 Wp
    地區: 中國大陸 中國大陸
    注意: 您的詢盤將直接發送至南京沃利特新能源科技有限公司。


    1. High efficiency PERC cell, half-cut technology;

    2. Positive power tolearance up to +5W;

    3. 30 years' warranty for minimum 83% power output;

    4. TUV, CE, INMETRO, ISO, PV Cycle certified;

    5. 5400Pa mechanical strength;

    6. Available in both white and black colors.


    ESM-530S ESM-535S ESM-540S ESM-545S ESM-550S
    產品質量保證 12 年
    功率輸出保證 12年期92%輸出功率保證,30年期83%輸出功率保證
    峰值功率 (Pmax)
    530 Wp 535 Wp 540 Wp 545 Wp 550 Wp
    41.4 V 41.55 V 41.7 V 41.85 V 42 V
    12.81 A 12.88 A 12.95 A 13.03 A 13.1 A
    49.25 V 49.4 V 49.55 V 49.7 V 49.85 V
    13.73 A 13.79 A 13.85 A 13.91 A 13.97 A
    20.5 % 20.7 % 20.9 % 21.1 % 21.3 %
    峰值功率 (Pmax)
    394 Wp 398 Wp 402 Wp 405 Wp 409 Wp
    37.84 V 37.91 V 38.08 V 38.25 V 38.42 V
    10.42 A 10.5 A 10.55 A 10.6 A 10.65 A
    46.5 V 46.57 V 46.65 V 46.74 V 46.84 V
    11.07 A 11.14 A 11.19 A 11.27 A 11.33 A
    最大耐久溫度 45±2 °C
      電池片標稱工作溫度(NOCT):太陽能輻射通量800W/m2,大氣參數1.5,環境溫度20℃,風速1 m/s。
    工作溫度 -40~85 °C
    溫度系數(Pmax) -0.36 %/°C
    溫度系數(Voc) -0.26 %/°C
    溫度系數(Isc) 0.04 %/°C
    最大系統電壓 1500 V
    保險絲額定電流 25 A
    組件尺寸(高/寬/厚) 2279x1134x35 mm
    重量 28.5 kg
    電池片類型 背鈍化
    電池片數量 144
    玻璃類型 鋼化
    玻璃厚度 3.2 mm
    邊框類型 陽極氧化鋁合金
    旁路二極管數 3
    接線盒防護等級 IP 68
    連接器類型 MC4
    電纜截面 4 mm2
    電纜長度 1100 mm

    Project Picture


    +86 13813088384
    Building 1,NO.58, Yunjin Road, Jianye District, Nanjing, China
    員工數: 1,000
    注意: 您的詢盤將直接發送至南京沃利特新能源科技有限公司。


    產量 (MW)/: MWp
    功 率 范 圍(Wp): 5-700


    Contact Face
    Emma Wu
    Contact Face
    Vicky Chen

    Einnova Solarline Energy Corp. Limited was founded in 2008, specializing in the manufacturing and R&D of premium solar modules for clients all over the world. In past 15 years, Einnova Solarline has been developing rapidly and making great achievements, growing into one of the leading solar module manufacturers in the world. Einnova Solarline has been ranked as Top 20 Solar Module Manufacturers in China for past three years.

    Thanks to its superior expertise in manufacturing, experienced and talented technical team, rich R&D experience, strong financial strength and management system, good relationship with strategical partners, Einnova Solarline has been able to manufacture and supply the most reliable solar modules in the world with good quality and competitive costs.

    So far, Einnova Solarline has supplied solar modules to more than 50 countries globally, including Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America etc. with accumulated installation capacity of more than 8G watts.

    QUALITY lies in the hearts of Einnova team as it is the foundation for our long term development. We always use first-class raw materials to guarantee good quality. Besides this, we have state-of-the-art and customized full-automatic production lines which help us to maintain reliable and durable product quality. And we use uniquely designed cloud-manufacturing IT system for full tracking records of each solar module – that’s one of our biggest advantages over other competitors for quality control.

    Our goal is to guarantee “each piece of solar module from Einnova Solarline production line fully comply with IEC 61215 and 61730 quality standards”. We have successfully got TUV, CE, INMETRO, PV CYCLE etc. certificates and our manufacturing systems fully comply with ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000 criterias.

    Our production capacity stands at 1.6GW for the moment and we have four factories in mainland China and Taiwan. The fifth factory in Vietnam is in construction, which willl help to further expand our production capacity in near future and enhance our capability to serve more clients in the world.

    Einnova Solarline looks forward to cooperation with you to build a better, greener and brighter future together!



    Great company to work with, would always recommend them. Great service representatives that are quick to resolve any possible queries.

    -- Adriaan van der Walt, ARTsolar (Pty) Ltd


    Premium Solar Modules

    1. High power, Mono PERC, Poly, Half Cut, Full Cell, BIPV, bifacial, OEM, ODM etc;

    2. 30 years' warranty for minimum 83% power output;

    3. Positive power tolerance up to +5w;

    4. TUV, CE, INMETRO, PV Cycle, ISO certified;

    5. Duable and reliable in harsh environment;

    6. Wide power range from 50-660Wp.

    Project Reference

    Factory I at Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China

    Capacity: 500MW


    • ¥1.58 / Wp *
      ESM 485-505S
      485~505 Wp 單晶硅
    • ¥1.58 / Wp *
      ESM 455H
      455 Wp 單晶硅
    • Elerix EXS-13...
      135 Wp 單晶硅
    • ¥1.80 / Wp *
      ESM 200
      200 Wp 單晶硅
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      285 Wp 多晶硅
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      ESP 290
      290 Wp 多晶硅
    • ¥1.51 / Wp *
      ESP 350
      350 Wp 多晶硅
    • ¥1.58 / Wp *
      ESM 395-415S
      395~415 Wp 單晶硅
    • ¥1.58 / Wp *
      ESM 410S
      410 Wp 單晶硅
    • Elerix EXS-45...
      450 Wp 單晶硅
    • ¥1.58 / Wp *
      ESM 460S
      460 Wp 單晶硅
    • ¥1.58 / Wp *
      ESM-550S Bifa...
      550 Wp 單晶硅
    • ¥1.58 / Wp *
      ESM 600S
      585~605 Wp 單晶硅

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